Mosquitoes and Ticks

In our opinion, because of the high instance of Lyme Disease, ticks are the most important outdoor pest to manage in Fairfield County.

Oftentimes we find people justify treating their yards for mosquitoes because they believe they are also protecting their family from ticks at the same time. And let’s face it, even without the news scaring us about the risks of Zika and other diseases, mosquitoes make being outside less enjoyable. There is no shame in wanting to be able to enjoy an evening in the backyard without being eaten alive by mosquitos or having to soak your entire family in Deet.

We make it our business to know the latest science around tick and mosquito control in Fairfield County, and we use this insight to manage your mosquito problem while minimizing the use of chemicals.

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The most important thing to remember about tick and mosquito management is that every year is going to be different. Rainfall, prevailing winds, and average temperatures are just a few of the climate factors that go into determining when and how to manage ticks and mosquitoes. Some companies address these annual variabilities by putting clients on a schedule of treating for ticks and mosquitoes every two or three weeks. What this means is that over the course of a season, other companies might try to sell you on the idea that your family and the environment around your home should be exposed to pesticides 8 to 12 times!

What makes this kind of approach even worse is that typically these same pest management companies spray for mosquitoes in the morning or mid-afternoon, when bees are most active, and with little regard for where your kids play and spend time in your yard.

At PesTecs, we minimize the use of pesticides first trying to understand and modify the environmental factors that may be contributing to ticks and  mosquitoes being a problem in your yard. Some of these factors, like how well kept is your yard and whether your gutters are cleaned regularly, are easy to control. Obviously we can’t control things like your yard bordering a wooded area or wetlands. Once we have identified our most effective timing for treatments and narrowed down the areas of your yard to be treated, we minimize the use of pesticides by treating for ticks when it is seasonally appropriate, and spraying during the evening and early nighttime hours when mosquitoes are most active and bees are inactive.

Regardless of what you decide, please –

Bee Responsible with Pesticides

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