About PesTecs

mosquito controlPesTecs is a family owned and operated pest management business located in Darien, CT.

At PesTecs, we are as committed to solving your pest problems as we are committed to protecting you, your family, and the environment from pesticides. We pride ourselves on Responsible Pest Management!

Our PesTecs Approach is Based on These Four Important Principles:

  1. Emphasis on Monitoring Your Home’s Pest Population Levels and Treating ONLY When Necessary – No Pest Control company should just treat your yard routinely. Industry best practice is more complicated than that, and your needs will vary based on many specific factors. Don’t let another company over-treat your yard for pests! Let PesTecs do it right!
  2. Understanding the Unique Challenges of Your Home and Working with You to Reduce Pest Populations Through non-Chemical Control Methods – There is nothing natural about ‘ALL NATURAL’ treatment programs. Don’t be fooled by misleading language, all chemical pest control methods have consequences that must be weighed carefully.
  3. Applying Pesticides at Times that Will Have the Greatest Impact on the Pest Population and the Least Collateral Damage to Non-Pests – Blanket spraying during daylight hours kills every living bug or bee present in your environment. This approach is counter to everything we are about at PesTecs. It is possible to rid your family of nuisance pests like Mosquitos without killing all the bees in your yard. Let us show you how we practice more responsible pest management!
  4. Applying Pesticides More Precisely to Problem Areas – We use the right equipment and right formulation of pesticides for the job, and we map out the problem areas and highly trafficked locations to avoid exposing your children to chemicals unnecessarily. This precision and care takes more of our time, but through these methods we can reduce the amount of pesticides used on your property.

We’d be happy to come by your home and discuss these principles in person, and encourage you to take advantage of some of the information on our website before choosing a pest management company. If you have a pest question, feel free to call or email us.

As homeowners and residents of Darien, CT with a combined six kids in the Darien Public School system, I think you will find our interests are very much aligned on how to best protect our families from things like ticks  and Lyme Disease, and also the environment and the community we live in from pesticides.

And remember, whether you choose PesTecs or someone else, please –

Bee Responsible with Pesticides

Contact us today to schedule an in-person estimate for services.