Tick Control – A Parent’s Guide on How to Get Rid of Ticks

Mosquitoes have enjoyed the spotlight over the last few years. Bill Gates has made it his mission to end Malaria, and as a result, a lot of money is going into mosquito control. Throw in some Zika headlines and ticks seem to have taken a backseat in terms of priority.

But as a parent of three kids ranging in age from 6 to 12, there is no doubt in my mind that ticks are the most important pest my kids need protection against.

In Summary, Here’s What Every Parent Needs to Know About How to Get Rid of Ticks:

  • Ticks Are Not Mobile Creatures: So, to adequately manage exposure to ticks on your property you MUST also manage other animals who transport ticks.
  • Tick & Mosquito Treatment are NOT the Same: Populations of ticks and mosquitos peak at different times of the year. Treating for both simultaneously will only lead to more chemical exposure for your family than is necessary.
  • ‘Organic’ or ‘All Natural’ Tick Control Treatments: Whether a company claims a treatment is natural or organic, if these treatments are killing ticks they are also killing other non-pests in your yard. This is why it is essential to be judicious with your timing, treatment levels, and areas to be treated to minimize the need for chemicals when possible.tick control - how to get rid of ticks


Tick Control Research

In Fairfield County, Lyme Disease is the most important tick-borne disease to manage. Some experts estimate that 1/3 to 1/2 of Deer Tick nymphs in our region may carry Lyme! This overwhelming probability for contacting such a serious disease, coupled with the lack of understanding of the long term physical and psychological impacts of the disease, make it a pressing priority, but the question remains…What can a homeowner do to effectively and responsibly protect themselves and their family?

To address these concerns, the state of Connecticut has published The Tick Management Handbook which explains how to get rid of ticks, “Only small amounts of an acaricide applied at the right time of year are necessary. Chemical intervention should focus on early control of nymphal I. scapularis ticks, the stage most likely to transmit Lyme disease, by spraying once in May or early June. A fall application in October may be used to control adult blacklegged ticks (or in the spring if no fall application was made).”

The CDC is another good source for information and the creator of the below chart which shows the cycle of ticks and Lyme:

how to get rid of ticks

Despite these clear recommendations, some pest management companies advertise that their mosquito treatments also kill ticks. This may be true, but typically mosquito populations peak in mid-Summer and the most effective time to treat for ticks is in mid-Spring and mid-Fall. It is also worth noting that ticks and mosquitoes typically reside in different parts of a residential landscape and may be best managed with different methods of application or formulations.

Another important consideration for successful tick management is that ticks are not mobile creatures. Some pest companies offer repellents to be applied to your yard to keep ticks out. This approach does not address the fact that ticks rely on host animals for transport. Unless a repellent is effectively keeping all deer, mice, and other small rodents out of your yard, it’s unlikely to be adequately addressing your tick concerns.

At PesTecs our approach combines a deep understanding of best practices in tick control, with our desire to minimize the use of pesticides, all resulting in chemical applications to your yard only when those applications are most necessary and effective.

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5 Comments on “Tick Control – A Parent’s Guide on How to Get Rid of Ticks

  1. I am looking for some tick control services in my backyard. My children keep coming back inside with ticks on them after playing outside. Since you said that acaricide can be applied in early June, I think I’ll go hire a professional to come and get rid of our infestation.

  2. I didn’t know that ticks can only be transported by being near animals who already have them. Thanks for mentioning how you cannot treat these pests like you would treat any other insect. My sister is considering tick control because there are quite a few in her woodsy backyard. She doesn’t want any of her kids to get any.

    • Your sister should treat for ticks this month. Ticks will begin their reproduction season in the next few weeks. If she treats now she will reduce the number of ticks in the spring. A follow up treatment in the spring should keep the number of ticks in her backyard to a manageable number. Thank you for commenting on the site.

  3. I noticed some ticks outside, and that makes me nervous. I had no idea that mosquito control doesn’t work for ticks, too! It makes sense that I would want to have some professional get rid of the ticks for me.