In our opinion rodents don’t get enough credit for their role in spreading Lyme and other diseases, and for this reason we typically suggest some form of rodent management when designing your optimum tick control plan. Here’s why…

Ticks are not born with Lyme Disease. Ticks start their lives as nymphs and their first feeding is likely to be on a rodent such as the white footed mouse. It’s this initial feeding on a rodent or other small infected animal when a tick contacts Lyme Disease.

Then, as an infected nymph, the ticks drop off the mouse to hide and grow, and this will happen wherever the mouse spends the majority of its time… Maybe foraging for food under your bird feeder or in or near its nest are two likely places.

In addition to being important carriers for Lyme Disease, mice also carry Hanta Virus and for this reason you should avoid vacuuming mice droppings without first misting with a sterilizing agent. Also, remember to use a HEPA filter and change the bag as soon as you are done. You do not want the fine particle from the vacuum released into the air of your house.

The owner of PesTecs is licensed in Structural and Rodent control and we can assist you in removing rodents from your house and yard and also advise you on how to prevent them from being a problem in the future.

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