Woodchucks – Don’t Wait to Take Care of Them. Here’s Why…

Woodchucks Image

Spring means woodchucks are waking up from their Winter sleep and getting busy. A few things you should know about Woodchucks, and when to do something about them.  Woodchucks breed from mid-March through April The gestation period is about 32 days A litter of…

10 Tips for Tick Control This Spring

Ten Tips for Effective Tick Control this Spring:

1. Avoid the areas of your yard most likely to be hosting ticks. Ticks don’t fare well in sunny well-manicured areas of your landscape, but they survive nicely where there is shade cover and taller vegetation particularly if there is leaf clutter or other plant debris on the ground.

Tick Control – A Parent’s Guide on How to Get Rid of Ticks

In Fairfield County, Lyme Disease is the most important tick-borne disease to manage. Some experts estimate that 1/3 to 1/2 of Deer Tick nymphs in our region may carry Lyme! But the question remains…What can a homeowner do to effectively and responsibly protect themselves and their family?

At PesTecs our approach combines a deep understanding of best practices in tick control, with our desire to minimize the use of pesticides, all resulting in chemical applications to your yard only when those applications are most necessary and effective.