Woodchucks – Don’t Wait to Take Care of Them. Here’s Why…

Woodchucks Image

Spring means woodchucks are waking up from their Winter sleep and getting busy. A few things you should know about Woodchucks, and when to do something about them.

  1.  Woodchucks breed from mid-March through April
  2. The gestation period is about 32 days
  3. A litter of woodchucks contains 2-6 young born about a month after that magical Spring night
  4. Woodchucks are born blind and hairless and will not survive without their mother
  5. The young will be weaned in late June or early July, and strike out on their own at that point

Humane trapping means that as a homeowner you have to either catch the adult woodchucks early before the litter is born, or wait until the young have been weaned, and try to catch them in later in the Summer (after they have aggressively fed on your gardens and multiplied in numbers). If you catch them after the litter is born, but before they have been weaned, you are basically removing the parent from the young and condemning the young to starve to death (woodchucks are born blind and hairless). Aside from being cruel, this is unsanitary, will smell, and will attract other unwanted rodents and pests to your property.

PesTecs is committed to the humane capture, removal, and disposal (or relocation) of nuisance wildlife. Call us to find out more. Also, remember, just like woodchucks, Bees are becoming active so please –

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