Mosquitoes – 5 Things to Know


Mosquitoes have been in the news lately, and there was a headline about West Nile Virus being found in West Haven, CT. The truth is that some mosquitoes test positive for WNV in Connecticut almost every year. The State is also warning residence along the I-95 corridor against the Asian Tiger Mosquito (ae. Albopictus) because of it’s role as a vector for Zika virus. Before you sell your house and move to the Arctic we suggest your familiarize yourself with some basic mosquito facts:

  1. The instance of mosquito-borne disease is on the rise. As parents and homeowners we need to be prepared for an increase in mosquito-borne diseases, and that means understanding some basic mosquito facts and available treatment options. Give us a call for a free consultation.
  2. Breeding is one source of mosquitoes on your property. Breeding can be reduced by minimizing standing water on your property. After it rains you should make a quick walk through your yard and look for standing water that collected in things like kids toys, on top of the tarp covering the woodpile…By keeping your yard free of standing water you can greatly reduce mosquito breeding on your property. For a higher level of reduction, and for wet areas which are not easily cleaned up Bti tablets and/or an insect growth regulator can be used to prevent mosquito larvae from becoming adult mosquitoes.
  3. Drift is the other source of mosquitoes in and around your property. Drift happens when adult mosquitoes fly onto your property and as a homeowner you have much less control over mosquitoes which drift onto your property. Mosquitoes are not strong flyers and can not overcome much of a breeze. So there is an element of chance to mosquito drift. Once mosquitoes find a suitable access to mammal hosts to feed on and flowering plants they don’t have much reason to travel and will remain in within a relatively limited area. In suburban Fairfield County, it’s safe to say that mosquitoes don’t need to travel too far before they happen on an attractive yard with lots of potential victims.
  4. During the day, mosquitoes can be found resting in shaded and humid areas such as under decks, on the bottom of leaves, under the eaves of your home, stone walls, and other areas which are cool and relatively undisturbed.  There are some species of mosquitoes which feed aggressively during the day, but if we are talking about mosquitoes as a nuisance the greatest numbers can be found at dusk and into the nighttime hours.
  5. Not all mosquitoes treatments are created equally, and as homeowners in Fairfield County we all have to be concerned with use rates, and the amount of chemical being released into the environment. We prefer to use a combination of Demand CS (insecticide) and Archer (insect growth regulator) when treating for mosquitoes. Demand CS was the subject of a recent study by Dr. Grayson Brown and others from the University of Kentucky on mosquito control in the urban environment. The study tested the effectiveness of Demand CS in consumers’ backyards, as well as homeowner satisfaction. At the end of the testing period, it was determined that Demand CS had significant impact, reducing mosquito bites by almost 75 percent. A single application diminished mosquito populations by nearly 60 percent for 6 weeks and through periods of heavy rain. Archer® insect growth regulator (IGR) contains pyriproxyfen, a juvenile hormone mimic. Archer can be applied around buildings in areas where mosquitoes breed (in water) or rest. As an IGR, Archer will not kill. Instead, it will cause mosquitoes to lay non-viable eggs or stop larvae from becoming adults. When used in tandem, Demand CS and Archer are the ideal combination for mosquito control.

At PesTecs, we understand when to treat for mosquitoes, where to treat for mosquitoes, and have access to the best products on the market. As new treatment recommendations are made available, you can rest assured that PesTecs clients will continue to receive the best possible products and services.

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